Concrete is one of the planet’s most universal construction materials. That’s why it matters that your construction company uses premium concrete in all your projects, from city infrastructure to roads, homes, buildings and more.

At our Ready Mix plants, we understand the importance of reliability in every batch. We’re constantly strength-testing and re-testing our product to make sure you’re getting the quality you paid for. Our ready-mix concrete companies proudly supply high-quality concrete to local communities in southeast Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Whatever the job, Kohner Materials ready mix suppliers have you covered.

We also offer in-house engineering services for custom concrete mixes. Collaborate with our skilled engineers to create a unique mix for your specific project needs. Our team will design and test a mix that meets your exact requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find local concrete contractors using our Interactive Map, which lists all Kohner-owned ready mix businesses in southeast Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Keep the concrete moist for the first week to help it cure properly. We recommend using sealers and protective coatings, which we can advise on based on your project.

We offer various products and services, including Aggregates and Transloading. Prices vary, so please contact us for a quote.

Yes, we provide trucking services for aggregates. The cost and distance depend on your specific needs. Contact us for more details.

Yes, we accept concrete recycling to support sustainable construction practices.

The type and amount of concrete depend on your project. Contact us with your details, and our team will help determine what you need.